My Lovely Mountain

As a new season approaches, welcoming warm winds fill my wings as I step on the edge of my mountain’s cliffside. You, my lovely mountain, once being my obstacle, I now stand on. You, my lovely mountain, once blocking the light as you cast your shadow over me, I now stand on. You, my lovely mountain, once intimidating me with your massive stature, I now stand on. You, my lovely mountain, I now stand on.

I once loathed the thought of you as you presented yourself daily but now I must thank you, my lovely mountain, for strengthening my sword through the constant tempering of this flesh and the icy nights that hardened my frame as I laid in wait. I now rise to your edge and peer onto whats next as it patiently awaits my coming. Praise to the King who has taken my name into account. You have made me ready, Lord. You have made me ready.

Joebed – Heart Of A Warrior


My First Day At Work

Today, I wake up to start a new job with an insurance company, handling billing and enrollment.  I’m a little nervous so I do what I can the night before to get ready.  I went through the typical motions of preparation with shaving up, going through my work clothes until I made a decision on what to wear and then went on to ironing.  I even struggled to go to bed with having my first blog entry on my mind and then wanting to try and fall asleep so that I can be ready for training.  Yea!  Ready for success, right!?  That’s what I had in mind.

The next morning I get myself ready and head to work.  I’m feeling good, looking good, had my coffee and a delicious breakfast.  I’m already sure that this day was going to be perfect with such a strong start to my day.  I get to work and we start off our first training day with the typical introductions and small ice breakers like, who are you, a short background and so on.  Shortly after we get into a ton of information that would be used to lay the foundation for the remainder of this training course.  Slightly intense but not hard at all to learn.  This is already too easy.

So far all is going well and I’m excited to be following along intently.  Answering questions with little issues, participating and doing my best to stand out.  This is all going well and then we break for lunch.  A quick bathroom break then I have a quick lunch.  I’m feeling like a million bucks and decide to take a brief walk outside and then get back to the training class early so that I’m ready for what ever.  I’m so happy to have made the first part of my day a success and now I’m ready to take on the rest.

Well, we get back to training and start attacking the information.  The trainer is asking us all questions.  Taking turns randomly through the room and all is good.  We got this!  She’s complimenting us and then one of the guys asks to run to the restroom.  Our trainer says ok and as he’s leaving she leans over to me and whispers, “You have something hanging out of your pant leg.”  I quickly looked down and saw something white hanging out of my left pant leg.  I inconspicuously reached down and grabbed it then quickly shoved it into my pocket.  I still wasn’t sure what this white thing was and all I can do is hold my laughter in while hoping that it wasn’t toilet paper.  Oh Lord, please don’t let that be the case!  It’s now taking everything inside of me to not fall out laughing and at the same time I feel my body temperature sky rocketing while my forehead quickly becomes saturated with sweat.  I decided to reach into my pocket to solve the mystery and when I pulled it out enough to peek, it was only a softener sheet.

Ahhhhhh, the relief I felt to know that it was only a softener sheet, which was still semi embarrassing, but to think that I may have been walking around this whole time with the infamous toilet paper tail would have brought me nearly to quitting this job before the end of my first business day.  To think that I was strutting around, proud, with this thing dangling from my pants and possibly with all to see had every fiber in me about to bust out cracking up while sweating my life away in embarrassment.

Slightly dramatic?  Maybe but that moment was no step short of dramatic and beyond hilarious for me.

Good times!


The effects of our cars tires getting bald leads us to poor traction, slipping and we run the risk of a flat tire or even an accident. The answer to this would be to get new tires. Hands down with no question.

In life, we tend to go through the same thing. We allow ourselves to run low and we start to lose traction, start slipping and sometimes feel like we are losing control. When life gets like this then its time to change your tires. Ask God to show you what it is in your life that needs to change and then do it. Once you have made these changes, you will see that you slip less as you gain control of the road just like new tires.

Your journey in life will require maintenance from time to time so find what it is that needs to change and then do it. The end result will be in your favor.


Hello world!

So this is my official first blog that I started last night, 12/11/12, but didn’t finish. I just wanted to take a moment to talk about me and then what ever else comes to mind.

This is a new venture for me to blog publicly.  I feel like a blogging newb but at the same time I want to write SO much!

I figured that what good is it for me to limit myself to facebook statuses, twitter posts, google circle and instagram?  I am constantly wanting to express myself on a different level and hoping that this will serve as a tool but also an opportunity to sharpen myself through writing.  I also consider it a great way to reach out to whom ever and hopefully put a couple smiles on faces with a few laughs to follow.  Maybe a moment created to reflect on your experiences through my experiences as I post them.

I hope to be important to you in a small way as a seed is to the soil.  Starting to root downward and then eventually growing upward in you.  Growing on you in a very addictive way and allowing me to be a part of your life through these blogs.

To be continued…im hungry.